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Website Depot not only designs beautiful, highly-optimized websites, we also specialize in social media strategy. Many of our clients have either inactive social media accounts or didn’t have them to begin with before working with us. Thanks to our skilled social media team, we are able to design and schedule engaging, eye-catching posts that are meant to boost likes and followers. Check out a few of our clients’ social media accounts below for inspiring content.

We work to engage clients with their potential customers, and organically increase ENGAGEMENT, REACH, and LIKES and FOLLOWS.

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Social Media Management includes branding and graphic design that brings awareness to your brand identity.

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Insight Treatment has increased its followers on Instagram by 150% since working with Website Depot.


If you had looked up “tree removal in Hidden Hills” in June 2018, you wouldn’t have found local company Your Way Tree Service until the end of the page. That’s to say, you wouldn’t have seen it at all because no one ever scrolls down to the end of the page. Most people go for one of the first few results. You probably already do this yourself.
Featured Customer: Your Way Tree Service
So how does a business get to that highly prized top spot? The development of online content aimed at result placement is called Search Engine Optimization and it’s the heart of everything we do here at Website Depot. The building blocks of SEO are keywords. These are the carefully curated nets you cast into the digital waters in hopes of attracting potential customers. By choosing the right keywords and optimizing your online presence with them in mind, you can promptly secure higher rankings, getting front row seats to those in search of your services.
Go ahead. Google “tree removal in Hidden Hills” and take a look at the top spot now.

Clients see an increase in traffic and leads through organic SEO campaigns. 

social media marketing

Seo campaigns can take 4-6 months to gain initial traction once initial work and optimization is completed, but many case studies, such as this one, show that businesses that engage in SEO over time yield exponential growth in organic traffic.

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Many businesses dabble in pay per click on different platforms without knowing the inner workings of it. Compared to organic search, the paid route allows you to rank on search engines much faster given that your advertisements meet easy-to-follow guidelines. We have set up and taken over hundreds of advertising campaigns for clients across all industries. We specialize in segmenting high-performing products and departments of a business. Further, our team of experts perform thorough and top-notch keyword research that helps clients get found, but also decreases the average cost-per-click of a campaign– that translates to a much higher utilization of the budget. We judge ourselves by how many leads we get you.

We Are Certified Google Partners

Credibility in Handling Budgets Large and Small

wd ad management

Press Release and Engagement

Press Releases that Actually Connect to the Press
We’ll Publish Your Story in Google News!
mobass pr
It’s one thing to write a press release.
It’s something else to get it in front of millions of people.
That’s just a regular day here at Website Depot.When your business does something that you want to get in front of the world, we can help. We’ve helped companies from all across the world to get their products, goods, and services into major publications. Additionally, we’ve also made sure that they get in front of their prospective clients, too.
For example, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the Celebrity Dentist, was in The Guardian. One of the world’s major newspapers, his words (as well as a link back to his site) was seen by millions of people–
That’s a significant return on investment.
By that same token, companies that can best reach their audience through niche publications as well.
Website Depot utilizes many tools to get a business in front of people who could benefit from it. One of the most powerful of these tools: the press.


CLIENTS SEE GROWTH IN BACKLINKS OF +100 to +200 In each Press release







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